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Otherwise, once again win Trump – emphasizes the newspaper. On the wave of recovery in the Democratic Party, caused public opposition to the current host of the White House in the November congressional elections, Democrats took off in the colors of many women and minorities. This diversity, however, can become a problem for the party – concludes “SZ”. According to the newspaper database Democrats party demands that a candidate or a candidate for president of the group that represented the diversity / a small but chances are that a progressive candidate won the support of the conservative Midwest. “SZ” for “boring, but strong” candidate believes Senator Sherrod Brown, who in November gained re-election in Ohio, where Trump definitely won the presidential election. The newspaper admits that as a 66-year-old white male Brown “in no way symbolizes renewal and awakening among Democrats,” but on the other hand, “has a good chance to beat Trump in the Midwest, and thus the entire election.” The election of the next President of the United States will be held November 3, 2020 year. (PAP) With the latest idea there was an American economist at the University of California at Berkeley Barry Eichengreen. In the text (written in partnership with Peter Allen and Gary Evans) The American offers interesting Greek exit from the stalemate. Which – remember – is roughly that Greece is not able to get out of the sovereign debt spiral without abandoning the euro.

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