We meet up with the girl teaching aspiring ‘sugar children’ how to…

We meet with the girl teaching aspiring ‘sugar babies’ how to find on their own an adult guy with a really big banking account

Brook Urick’s site has 591,2000 British users, 79,000 of that are sugar daddies trying to find ‘babies’

  • 16 Jan 2017, 22:11
  • Updated: 18 Jan 2017, 22:18

WE’RE in a hot and sweaty cellar club in London, and a new girl from Las vegas, nevada is dazzling a gaggle of protegees with stories of her life of luxury.

They’re right right here since they all wish to have exactly what she’s ­having — a sugar daddy with an extremely, extremely big banking account.

Brook Urick is sharing some suggestions as to how they could bag the sugar daddy of the aspirations.

Sipping hot Prosecco, they wait her every term.

“You’re perhaps maybe not compensated, you’re gifted, ” she describes. “Don’t state on your own very first date, ‘I want anywhere near this much. ’ No body really wants to hear that.

Most of all, and she can’t stress this enough: “You’re maybe not an escort. You’re a sugar child. ”

Brook, 24, does not mess about. “It’s a world that is lonely here. The entire world is filled with sodium. It’s your obligation to head out and locate the sugar. ”

The biggest girl when you look at the room nods knowingly. 続きを読む We meet up with the girl teaching aspiring ‘sugar children’ how to…