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Counterclaim and Refutation Sentence Frames

Counterclaim and Refutation Sentence Frames

We show a seventh grade ela course and we’ve simply completed reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. In reality, we’ve already written our argumentative essays on “whether Phoebe had been a close friend to Sal.” Needless to say the writing prompt is a little more complex. It’s my pupils first attempt at composing the argumentative essay. They’ve been struggling utilizing the counterclaim (counterargument) and refutation (rebuttal) since these are new Standards for 7th graders. The most popular Core State guidelines for grades 7-12 range from the counterclaim within the essay that is argumentativeW. 1.0).

Although authors use loads of other choices, I’m teaching the counterclaim and refutation in the body paragraph that is final.

The after phrase frames assisted out my pupils significantly:

First Contrasting Transition + Name the Opposition + Strong Verb + Opposing Point of View + Evidence + Analysis + 2nd Contrasting Transition + Reference the Opposing aim of View + Turn

First Contrasting Transition +

Nonetheless, But, Admittedly, Although, Instead

Name the Opposition +

Strong Verbs + Denial/Assertion or Assertion

Denial: reject, oppose, disagree, concern, question this view and Assertion: argue that, explanation that, declare that, support, conclude that

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