Automating Reading and Composing: Computerized Essay Grading

Days gone by weeks that are few seen lots of discussion over computerized essay-grading. Some individuals admire its labor-saving potential (because whom really likes grading a huge stack of student essays?) even though the louder crowd contends that, on top of other things, a pc can’t read. We see this discussion included in a wider trend that extends back to the first times of the modern computer.

The Current Conversation

To provide a synopsis, Can some type of computer level an Essay? is a 30-minute broadcast Boston episode about computer-graded essays and presents the main edges for the problem. Experts Against Machine Scoring of Student Essays in High-Stakes Assessment and Professors Angry over Essays Marked by Computer represent, as their titles recommend, the anti-computer grading faction. Through the latter:

The group’s petition against computerized grading states: ‘Let’s face the realities of automated essay scoring. Computer systems cannot ‘read.’ They can’t gauge the basics of interaction; precision, reasoning, adequacy of proof, common sense, ethical stance, persuading argument, significant organization, quality and veracity, amongst others.’

The following is a write-up from The nyc Times which takes a much attitude that is different computerized grading by handling its labor-saving potential.

These Talks Aren’t Brand New, But…

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