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If you don’t need a whole lot of storage space on your flash drive (if you’re just working with Word documents), this 8GB Kingston Digital Flash Drive is perfect. By cutting down on storage space, the manufacturers have kept the cost low on this drive. With USB 3.0 technology, it can achieve write speeds of 60MB/s and read speeds of 120MB/s. That’s enough to transfer small files in seconds (if you’re working with a data-rich medium – software gartis like video or audio – we’d recommend getting a beefier flash drive).

In addition to that, the SanDisk recovery software ensures lost files or mistakenly deleted documents are safely recovered ensuring you never lose important content again. From high speeds to additional space and reliable storage, this SanDisk with a key-hole makes a great and portable flash drive for that uninterrupted user experience, day to day.

The 360-degree swivel cap protects whichever connector is not in use and attaches easily to keychains. The C80 doesn’t require any special drivers or software to work; just plug it into the port and it is ready to go.

But it has an optional file management app, which is a free and simple automatic file categorization that puts your work in the appropriate folders. Expect fast read and write speeds and 64 GB of storage to hold all your photos and files. The Samsung BAR Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB is definitely one of the best-looking flash drives on the market. With a sleek silver casing that looks great plugged into any device, you won’t look out-of-date. However, it’s not all style and no substance – it’s made from solid metal to make it tough and has an integrated keyring. In terms of storage, this drive has 128GB of space, but it’s also available in 32GB, 64GB, and 256GB.

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The only problem with WeatherLink is that it is very expensive. Every software comes with a dongle that you have to plug in your Davis console. Macbooks require a USB Type-C device, which is where this swivel dual flash drive from Silicon Power comes in handy. It features a dual interface with USB Type-C and USB Type-A 3.0 ports on opposite ends of a compact device.

Another reason we like this flash drive is the solid metal housing and integrated key loop. It also has a five-year warranty, so no need to worry about damaging it. If your flash drive needs demand blazing fast speeds, then one of the best USB flash drives to consider is the Patriot Supersonic Rage 2 is definitely the one for you.

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It provides fast read speeds of up to 300MB/s, thanks to the latest USB 3.1 technology. That means it can move data-rich media files in seconds, which is an important trait in modern flash drives. With read speeds at 130mb/s, a full-length HD movie can be moved to the drive in less than half a minute. The signature SanDisk secure access ensures that your private data will always be protected and concealed from public eyes except the right password Is put in.